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Living Sky Technologies aims to provide productivity solutions for the efficient creation of inspired work, shifting content into a streamlined workflow.

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WriteWay is a suite of applications that empower content creators. WriteWay removes traditional roadblocks for writing, researching, and publishing content.

What is Living Sky Technologies?

At Living Sky Technologies, we are committed to bringing ideas to reality. Our first idea, WriteWay, stemmed from the concept that an idea could exist uninterrupted, flowing freely from the imagination to the page. What if your research didn’t draw you away from the page, or formatting didn’t drag out the process? We want people to focus on the quality of their content, and forget the often messy formatting. The Living Sky Technologies team is dedicated to discovering ways to simplify the creative process.


Living Sky Technologies vision is to remove distractions and guide content creators down a clear and productive path.


To put it simply, our mission is to make content creation as efficient as possible.

Our software is able to establish patterns from the seemingly random nature of drafting, formatting, and editing to enhance the writing and content creation process.

What we live by

Our Core Values


We take pride and accountability in the work we do.


We listen, empathize, and learn from our coworkers and creators.


We are a dedicated team of change makers, dream chasers, and risk takers.


We aren’t satisfied with the status-quo and actively seek forward-thinking solutions.


We know we can’t build our dream alone and utilize everyone’s skills to the fullest.

Great ideas come when innovation is permitted. Innovation happens when boundaries vanish, the skies clear, and inspiration is given space to exist.

Michael ZhouFounder & Chief Executive Officer, Living Sky Technologies

Meet Our Leadership Team

Every person who joins the Living Sky team has the ability to lead, and guide, change! To support our dedicated team we have an executive team of industry leaders.

Chief Operations Officer

Simon Tang

Simon founded and ran two independent companies, Banter Technology and Tangz Consulting, before joining Living Sky Technologies. Responsible for product creation, Simon oversees all project developments from ideation to completion. Motivated by finding solutions, Simon seeks opportunities to apply innovative technology to business concepts.
Head of Research and Development

Gabriel Jiang

Gabriel is a computer scientist, inventor, and teacher of computational thinking, focusing on machine learning and artificial intelligence. Currently he leads the research department and oversees the company's technology partnerships and collaboration in the field of artificial intelligence and emerging technologies.
CEO and Chief Vision Officer

Michael Zhou

Michael is one of the 18 founders of e-commerce exporter, Alibaba. Founding Living Sky Technologies in 2016, every project begins with his desire to instinctively solve problems the creative world is facing. An investor in people, Michael has carefully gathered each member of his board based on quality of character and proficiency in their respective fields. As a writer himself, Michael understands that there are no software applications yet available that combine the tools needed to simplify the writing process. WriteWay is the first of many software tools Michael is spearheading to assist content creators.
Head of Growth and Brand

Elizabeth George

With years of leadership experience for various technology companies, Elizabeth quickly found her passion; marketing a product or solution that solves a problem, meets a need, or provides value. Elizabeth believes that compelling stories and valuable education contribute toward strong corporate strategy, and looks forward to bringing the innovative solutions Living Sky Technologies has created to the world!
Chief Financial Officer

Debra Matzner

Education and broad professional experience have honed Debra’s keen, straightforward analytical reasoning for which she has become valued among colleagues, past and present.
Dedication, integrity, and tenacity have marked her career growth. The adage that “numbers don’t lie” undergirds Debra’s commitment in offering prudent financial guidance as Living Sky Technologies charts its course toward a bright future.

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